Learn More About NissanConnect | Deacon Jones Nissan


Learn More About NissanConnect | Deacon Jones Nissan

Ever wondered what NissanConnect was? NissanConnect is the infotainment system from the folks at Nissan that not only combines navigation, security measures, and entertainment, but is compatible with your smartphone for basic functions like remote unlock/lock and remote start. Take command with your new Nissan vehicle with the NissanConnect system. You’ll be able to send commands to your vehicle with any Alexa-enabled device, which will enable you to start the car, flash the lights, and much more. The possibilities are truly endless.

The NissanConnect system is powered by the SiriusXM® emergency response services that will enable you to be confident out on the road, knowing that if you break down for some reason, help is on the way. And why you wait, why not catch up on Facebook or Twitter? Connect to these apps and catch up on your friends, or make a call or text without ever having to pick up your phone? The NissanConnect system was built for moments like this. And through the display screen, you’ll see a clear rendering of the directions and surrounding cities, and with the help of Google®, you’ll be able to find local hot spots and the coolest new places all with the click of a button. Don’t worry about any unseen hindrances, with the SiriusXM® Traffic, your navigation system will work around delays and keep you on the fastest route - every time.

For those who own a Nissan LEAF, NissanConnect will specially allow you to manage your unique, electric vehicle. Keep track of your battery life, locate and get directions to nearby charging stations, and even adjust climate controls remotely through your phone. To learn more about NissanConnect, contact us today by visiting our website at deaconjonesnissan.com, or give us a call at (800) 693-9033.

Source: Nissan, Edmunds