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Nissan Sedans

Fleet of Nissan Sedans | Deacon Jones Nissan

Nissan has a reputation for manufacturing ‘value for money’ cars. The car manufacturing giant has a rich history of designing cars that combine luxury, style, and safety at reasonable prices. Nissan has a presence in almost all segments. Among the different types of cars the Japanese manufacturer produces, sedans are arguably the most loved. Nissan sedans are known for their slick exterior styling, ability to deliver smooth rides, and solid fuel efficiency. No wonder they are preferred by families the world over. We, in this post, take a look at some of the most loved Nissan sedans.

The Altima has everything that a family looks for in a car. The sedan is loaded with safety features including Vehicle Dynamic Control and advanced braking. The Anti-Lock Braking System and Traction Control System help ensure that you never lose control of the vehicle when on the road. The Nissan Advanced Airbag System with ten airbags help lower the chances of major injuries in the event of a collision. The Altima proves every person who thinks safe cars are boring wrong. The fun-to-drive sedan boasts a stylish and spacious interior with premium materials. To keep you and your passengers engaged during a log drive, the Altima comes with a range of infotainment features.

The Sentra combines the best of all worlds. The car is stylish, safe, spacious, and inexpensive to maintain. For drivers who crave an adrenaline rush, sporty, more powerful (than the standard model) versions of the sedan are available. Good outward visibility help drivers stay aware of what's ahead of them. Despite the car’s compact design, there is plenty of room in the back. The Sentra has one of the biggest trunks in its class offering 15 cubic feet of cargo space. Large doors and supportive seats help passengers avoid discomfort, no matter their shape and size.

The Maxima is yet another testament to Nissan’s capability of marrying convenience with luxury. Equipped with a number of driver-assist and safety features, the Maxima is an ideal family car. The car comes with Zero Gravity seats that elevate your riding experience and help your passengers avoid discomfort by providing full body support. Strong acceleration and easy handling make the Maxima a fun car to ride.

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