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Nissan Partnerships

Nissan Partnerships - Towards a Better World | Deacon Jones Nissan

Here at Deacon Jones Nissan, we stand behind Nissan and the ways they utilize their platform for a better world. Nissan is not only committed to creating a better world, but has partnered with those with the same goal. These partnerships are truly making a difference, and gives us yet another reason to fully stand in support of Nissan. We are Nissan people here at Deacon Jones Nissan in Goldsboro, NC. Let us show you a few partnerships that Nissan has paired with that show you why:

Nissan has partnered with the Heisman Trust. No, not only because those at Nissan are football fans. The Heisman Trust is impacting communities and has a mission to not only support amateur athletics, but also to provide greater opportunities for America’s underserved youth. The number of American children that don’t have access to otherwise normal circumstances is staggering. Nissan and the Heisman Trust are there to help with that. The Heisman Trust hopes that the Heisman Trophy would come to symbolize a strong sense of community responsibility to the nation’s youth, particularly those with special needs. Nissan and the Heisman Trust understand that it truly does take a village to raise up a child.

Speaking of the communities, Nissan has also partnered with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity has been responsible for bringing it upon themselves to build affordable housing in communities across the company. Together, Nissan and Habitat for Humanity are striving to make the country a better place. Over the last 12 years Nissan and Habitat for Humanity have been partnered together, they have seen more than 14 million dollars in donations, built 78 homes (and counting), donated 143 Nissan vehicles, and served 569 families. Not only that, but Nissan employees from across the country are also taking this partnership seriously. 6,000 Nissan employees have volunteered to work alongside Nissan and Habitat for Humanity and have accumulated a whopping total of 86,000 volunteer hours to providing affordable housing to those in need. Nissan is a company that cares not only from the top, but from within.

You see, Nissan is a company that takes pride in helping not only the communities of America, but those across the world. Nissan loves and celebrates America’s rich cultural diversity, and wants to see it thrive more every day. This is why, in 1992, Nissan founded the Nissan Foundation - with a mission of “building community through valuing cultural diversity”. Through philanthropic efforts, charitable donations, and other corporate outreach sponsorships, Nissan plans on caring for the community and paying it forward. Over the last 26 years, the Nissan Foundation has awarded more than $10 million dollars to roughly 120 organizations who value and treasure cultural and promote understanding of both culture and ethnic groups.

Nissan is the company that cares - this is why we are Nissan people here at Deacon Jones Nissan in Goldsboro, NC. Stop by our showroom and test drive the Nissan fleet and find the perfect next car, truck, or SUV for you. We stand fully behind Nissan - you should, too.

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