Nissan Keyless Entry and Remote Start

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As a pioneer in automobile technology, Nissan offers a wide range of advanced tech that improves your driving experience. One such feature is the Nissan keyless entry and remote start system.

This system allows you to open the doors of your car and start the engine by merely pressing keypads on the remote control. Contrary to having an actual key to open your car doors and spark the ignition, this advanced technology makes it much simpler for drivers everywhere to commence their trip.

Seamless departures with your Nissan

How many times have you searched for your car key in a frenzy, reaching inside your bag or pockets scanning for it? How many times have you thought you might've lost your keys? Every driver has experienced these unpleasant circumstances at least once.

With Nissan keyless entry and remote start, you can put these behind you. With it, your drive is made so much more relaxed and seamless. With just the press of a button, all doors of your car are opened, and your vehicle is ready to move. What's even better is that you can do this even from a distance. You don't have to be physically next to your car, as long as you are in proximity and possess your remote control keypad.

Below, we list out the functions of the Nissan keyless entry and remote start: Remote lock and unlock of car doors and trunk With just one press, you can open your car doors, including the trunk. There's no need to insert an actual key into your vehicle.

Push-Button Ignition

Once you press the unlock button, it means that your Nissan vehicle is switched on. To start the engine, all you have to do is hit an ignition button inside the cabin. With just one push, you're ready for departure.

Lockout Protection

This technology can sense if your remote control keypad/key is inside your car. This means that if you've forgotten about and shut in your remote control keypad/key inadvertently within your Nissan, you will be alerted via a buzzer, and all doors are automatically unlocked momentarily.

Source: Nissan