What Should a Nissan Basic Car Service Include?

Tuning and servicing your car at regular intervals is essential to keep it running smoothly throughout the years. Servicing your Nissan is critical for your safety on the road, and also prevents your car from breaking down. At the very least, you should maintain your Nissan to know its present working condition and whether you require any major changes to it.

Primary Services

A basic Nissan car service includes checking whether all the parts of your car are working as intended. To test this, the mechanic will top up your brake oil, engine oil, and injector fluids, and will check its moving parts for signs of wear and tear. This includes hoses, rubber belts, tires, and brake pads. The mechanic may also identify potential issues with your car, which may cause problems before your next visit.

Servicing Costs

At an average, sustaining your Nissan can cost you $190 in every visit. This price, however, varies according to your model, the number of years you have had the car, and the last time you serviced your vehicle. For example, the Nissan 370Z can cost a minimum amount of $90, while repairing your Nissan X-Trail can cost you $159 minimum.

Other factors will also affect the service costs of your Nissan, such as the urgency of the job, whether your car is a diesel or petrol model, and from where the mechanic sources the parts needed.

Common Nissan Services

Each Nissan model has different complexities surrounding it, depending on the make and model. For example, the Nissan Altima in 2013 had several technical setbacks with its transmission, ventilation units, and interiors. More commonly, people who own Nissan cars need to replace the globes in their headlights, fix the fans in their ventilation units, and restore their brake pads.

Servicing your Nissan car at regular intervals ensures its long life on the road. Even if your vehicle is not due for service, you should bring it over to your nearest service center if you hear noises after reaching a particular speed, or if your car heats up too quickly.

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Source: Nissan