Tips To Fight Off Drowsy Driving

 drowsy driving

Tips To Fight Off Drowsy Driving

If you find yourself feeling too sleepy while driving on the road, you may be prone to drowsy driving. Drowsy driving is one of the top causes for accidents on the road and is quite common amongst people who work long and tedious hours. Any employee who happens to work the night shift is susceptible to drowsy driving. Certain sleep-inducing medications can also cause people to feel extremely tired while on the road.

Feeling drowsy while driving can significantly reduce a person’s concentration levels and also make them react much slower than usual, leading to accidents. How can I identify the signs of drowsy driving?

If you feel like you experience drowsy driving, check for any of these symptoms –
• Excessive yawning, despite getting rest
• Inability to keep your eyes open
• Feeling your head drooping down
• Missing important turns and road signs
• Not remembering driving the last few miles

If you can relate to any of these symptoms you are most likely drowsy driving. It is best to tackle drowsy driving as soon as you spot it to safeguard yourself and other people on the road.

How to prevent drowsy driving?
It is important that you get a good night’s rest. Drowsiness usually happens when we don’t give our body enough rest at night. Also, remember that caffeine works wonders in keeping people awake and fully-alert. So try consuming coffee or energy drinks rich in caffeine before you drive. If you want to maximise the effect, take a short nap after drinking your beverage.

If you're about to set out on a long drive, it is best to have another driver with you. If you cannot find someone to accompany you, pull over at rest stops and take a short nap before you resume driving. This will help you get refreshed. In addition, try to refrain from driving alone, or at least avoid driving too late in the night. If you are prone to drowsy driving, these tips will surely work as a temporary measure. If your sleepiness if caused by other underlying medical conditions, it is best to consult a doctor for a permanent solution.