Nissan Snug Kids Child Safety Tips

 Nissan Snug Kids

Nissan Snug Kids Child Safety Tips

The Snug Kids has been designed by Nissan’s engineers after an elaborate study of the CRS offerings available in the market. Engineers observed these products by installing them in the back seats of Nissan vehicles. After over 1000 hours of study and over 7000 product installations, Nissan engineers developed a guide that assists parents in choosing a seat that best fits their vehicle and offers optimum safety for their kids. Nissan Snug Kids is available for each Nissan model at the time of purchase. Meanwhile, here are some Snug Kids child safety tips for a safer and more enjoyable ride:

Front or rear-facing seats
Rear-facing CRS products are used for kids below 1 year. Children should reach a specific height or weight before they can be seated in a front-facing CRS. The specific height and weight will be mentioned in the CRS product manual. Front-facing seats are for toddlers and older kids. The seat design including the harness provides maximum protection. But do not rush into using this seat, especially if the kid has not reached the height or weight that would warrant the use of a front-facing orientation.

Choose booster seats for older kids
Use a Booster seat if your kid has outgrown a forward-facing CRS. This type helps achieve the right seat belt position. Besides, the shoulder belt and the lap belt must be used when the child is in the Booster seat.

Continue with the Booster seat till the seat belt fits your kid. To know the right time to stop using it, check the shoulder and lap belt. If the shoulder belt no longer falls loose on your child’s neck or face, and the lap belt fits correctly along your kid’s lower hip, then it means your child has grown and no longer needs the Booster seat. If you are using a high-back booster that isn't fitting right, then adjust or remove your vehicle’s head restraint. This can improve the Booster’s fit.

Use a non-slip mat for greater seat grip
Seating surfaces such as leather can be slick and slippery. Non-slip mats stabilize the CRS, giving it an excellent grip and firm balance against the bottom and back of the vehicle’s seat. If you are seeking professional help to understand your CRS guide, consider visiting Deacon Jones Nissan. We are authorized dealers of Nissan

Source: Nissan