How Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ Offers a Safer, Simpler Ride


How Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ Offers a Safer, Simpler Ride

Founded in 1933, Nissan is a leading automobile manufacturer. The Japanese firm is known for producing some of the most value-for-money cars. Thanks to their stylish design and advanced features, Nissan cars in Goldsboro, NC get much love around the world. Nissan is known for its innovative streak, and several in-car technologies that were earlier considered premium have become affordable and gone mainstream. Nissan is credited for developing one of the most innovative and path-breaking vehicle technologies of modern times, Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a suite of advanced features that promises to change the way we drive. Found in some of the most popular Nissan models in Goldsboro, NC, Nissan Intelligent Mobility brings futuristic driving features to the present.

Intelligent driving
Nissan Intelligent Mobility features ProPILOT Assist that introduces a new way of driving. Features such as Cruise Control and Steer Assist keep you protected on the road. While Cruise Control maintains a predetermined, safe distance between your Nissan and the car ahead of it, Steer Assist provides steering inputs when the system detects that you are unintentionally drifting from your lane. And this is not all. Other intelligent safety features include High Beam Assist, Intelligent Emergency Braking, and Intelligent Blind Spot Warning. High Beam Assist adjusts your headlight’s beam according to your lighting conditions, whereas Intelligent Emergency Braking constantly monitors your surroundings and slows your car if the system detects a potential collision. These features work in tandem to keep you and your passengers safe.

Intelligent connectivity
NissanConnect allows you to access your vehicle features through your compatible mobile device remotely. A few taps on the screen is all it takes to perform different tasks such as locking and unlocking your doors, starting the vehicle and requesting emergency roadside assistance. Lastly, the Journey Planner helps you locate your favorite restaurants.

Intelligent power
Looking for an eco-friendly Nissan car in Goldsboro, NC? Look no further than the Nissan Leaf. With a 62-kWh battery, whoever said that good things come in small packages was definitely talking about the Leaf. Featuring a compact design, the battery still manages to make an impressive 250-lb. Ft. of torque. Also, an e-pedal allows you to start, speed up, and slow down your car.

Source: Nissan