Getting Ready to Trade Your Used Car for a New Car


Getting Ready to Trade Your Used Car for a New Car

If you want to buy a new car but are short of funds, consider trading-in your old car. Once you have made up your mind to trade-in your old car, you need to prepare well for the deal. To help us, in this post, impart a few tips that you can follow to ensure that you have the upper hand while negotiating with dealers.

Prepare your car
The trade-in value of your car will depend on its condition. When you stage your car at a dealership, the first thing that the dealer’s team would do is carry out an inspection. To get the best possible deal, you need to work on your model first. Before contacting a dealer, thoroughly inspect the car yourself. Top off essential fluids such as steering fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, and coolant. Replace burnt or impure oil with fresh oil, and remember to clean and wax the exteriors. Remove personal items from the interior, look for and repair dings, and check and replace lights, if required. After performing these and other repairs, take a test drive. While driving, if you feel that something is amiss or not right, talk to your mechanic.

Get your paperwork ready
Collect important documents related to your vehicles, such as the title, registration, and repair receipts. Compile these and other records that you think you’d need to prove your ownership and that you've taken good care of the vehicle. Ensure that you carry your file on the day you visit your dealer to trade-in your old car.

Choose a dealership
Locating a dealership that runs an exchange program should not be difficult. That said, you need to work a little harder to find the one that provides you with the best possible deal. Start by visiting the websites of dealerships in your city. Create a list of your preferred dealers that offer special promotions with trade-ins. Mail or call their office requesting them to send a quote. Remember that this may not be the final quote, as many dealers would want to physically examine your car before providing their final offer.

Source: Nissan