Fall Car Tips


Fall Car Tips

Taking care of your car during fall ensures a safe and solid vehicle for the season as well as for the winter ahead. If you are in or around Goldsboro, visit Deacon Jones Nissan, an authorized dealer for Nissan cars in Goldsboro, for reliable services. Meanwhile, here are some tips to maintain your car in top shape during fall.

Check car oil
Maintain adequate oil levels as specified in the owner’s manual to avoid engine problems such as a breakdown. Also, check the oil's color. If it is mostly dark, then change it.

Examine your heater and defroster
Fall is the best time to find out if your defroster and heating devices are working to their capacity. Observe if the defroster is clearing condensation from the side windows, back glass, and the windshield of your car. Also, inspect the amount of heat inside the vehicle. If they're taking too much time to do their job, they may need to be replaced.

Know if your air filters need replacement
Clean air filters contribute to better engine performance. They are usually replaced after 12 months or once 10,000 to 15,000 miles have been completed. If you drive in high-traffic regions, you may have to replace it after hitting the 6,000-mile mark. Air filters can also become clogged and dirty due to dust. To test the filter, remove it and place it against a 60-watt bulb. If you can see through the filter, then it's clean. If not, replace it. Alternatively, you can use a flashlight to check the filter or examine it in broad daylight. Contaminants such as dust and pollen are hard to locate in the dark, and you can end up assuming that the filter is clean.

Check your car battery
The car's battery is susceptible to cold weather. Also, there are no signs to reveal a damaged battery. Given these reasons, it is important to perform periodic inspections before problems start to arise. If you have been using the battery for over 3 years, you may need to replace it. Also, if the battery is corroded, get it changed. Ensure that all connections are tight so that you do not have issues while starting.

Source: Nissan