2019 Nissan Pathfinder

2019 Nissan Pathfinder Trim Levels

Planning to purchase a 2019 Nissan Pathfinder in Goldsboro? If yes, youll probably be wondering which trim level to buy. Its time to put your doubts to rest. At Deacon Jones Nissan,...continue reading

2019 Nissan Maxima

2019 Nissan Maxima Safety

Automobile giant, Nissans legacy continues with its brand new 2019 Nissan Maxima. Powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that operates on 290 horsepower, this is a super powerful car that offers a wonderful...continue reading

2019 Nissan Leaf

2019 Nissan Leaf Performance

Nissan went on a redesign spree of its top-of-the-line 2018 Nissan Leaf car last year and the result the 2019 Nissan Leaf. This new variant in a hugely successful line of electric hatchbacks...continue reading

2019 Nissan GT-R

2019 Nissan GT-R Performance

The latest model from automobile giant Nissan, the 2019 GT-R has received much interest from car aficionados for its futuristic appearance and its potential as a high-performance sports car....continue reading

2019 Nissan Sentra vs Altima

With choosing a sedan, you cant go wrong with a Nissan. But if youre in between buying a 2019 Altima or 2019 Nissan Sentra in Goldsboro, then youve come to the right place. 

We have performed a review of the Nissan Sentra vs Nissan Altima. 

Engine and Fuel Efficiency 
The 2019 Nissan Sentra operates on a 124 hp engine that runs on 125 ft-lbs of torque. The 2019 Nissan Altima has a 248 hp engine and runs on 273 ft-lbs of torque. In terms of engine power and...continue reading